Bridesmaids vs. The Hangover 2

So I recently saw both films, and I was extremely disappointed in one, and very satisfied with the other.  The Hangover 2 was atrocious.  There was weak dialogue and many of the jokes were just regurgitated from the first film.  Of course there were a couple of light laughs but they are definitely not worth $10 or maybe even your time on a free movie Tuesday compliments of Optimum.  The cast from the Hangover was also quite limp, the only reason why I could think it would be worth your while is for Bradley Cooper as eye-candy (yes guys, I know you all have a secret man crush on him as well).  However, Bridesmaids had a knockout ensemble.  Jon Hamm did a superb job at playing the asshole fuckbuddy, a role of which we have never really seen him play.  And of course Kristen Wiig was a comedic genius in this film, but do not forget about the other lovely comedians in the film.  So if you are trying to decide between Bridesmaids or Hangover 2, see Bridesmaids. Or you really don’t have to see Bridesmaids just don’t see Hangover 2.

P.S. Girls Rule


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