Don’t Say “I Do” To Wedding Loss Weight Pressures

Yesterday was just like any other day as I aggressively scrolled through Instagram’s feed of #weddingdress and #engagementrings, until I came across a picture of a woman wearing the shirt below.Screen shot 2014-04-24 at 1.43.53 PM My immediate reaction was an eye roll comparable to one of Liz Lemon’s and then anger. A lot of anger. anigif_enhanced-buzz-17013-1377620194-0  Being a person who enjoys working out (and squatting for that matter), I was surprised how I responded after seeing this shirt. At first, I tried to dismiss my feelings, thinking this shirt could have been meant as a harmless gift from a bridesmaid, or maybe even the future bride bought it for herself as motivation.  But it was when I was followed by a body wrap account (who probably noticed by wedding activity on Instagram), I realized that I’m not ok with the weight loss culture that surrounds weddings. And of course, that’s not to say I’m ok with other ones, it’s just I’ve never knew of this world that was full of shirts reading things like “sweating for the wedding”.

As a person who has struggled with their body image for years, it’s really disheartening to see that this bullshit even engulfs such a meaningful day.  When a bride makes the hard decision to lose weight for her wedding, it should be for herself. Her decision shouldn’t be made because  loved ones and the media are pressuring her to do so.  After all, it is your day so you should be doing you.

And yes, these Instagram and Pinterest accounts can offer encouragement but they can also quickly lose their innocence and create murky environments for future brides.  It’s important to remember a bride is just a person–and should be a happy and healthy one at that. Maybe because I’m 22 years old and currently have 0 romantic prospects it makes it easier for me to feel this way.   But if/when the time comes for me to get married, I hope I’ll look like a bad bitch, who got there on her terms.  So as of now,  I am saying goodbye to wedding weight loss pressures and I hope you guys do to. tumblr_me1ze7NnD61rpuq64o1_500

I had some trouble working out my feelings on this topic because I know it’s a small piece to a much larger issue  but I’m curious as to what other people’s thoughts are on it.

So if you wanna leave a comment, please do!


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