7 Pick-Me-Ups For Your Self-Esteem

Feeling a little down lately?  Not even Nora Ephron’s, “Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim”, helping your situation?

Damn, you’re screwed. JUST KIDDING LOL

Sometimes not even Nora can restore my full loveliness, so here are a few little pick-me-ups that I use to get my self-worth SKYROCKETING.

1. Listen to power jams from Queen B:

1. Best Thing I Never Had

2. Why Don’t You Love me?

3. Resentment

4. Irreplaceable

5. Me, Myself And I


Tip:  Aggressively pound your chest like a scorned lover while singing  these songs. If you need help, watch Resentment for some moves.

2. Take tasteful nudes of yourself

WHATTT CONTROVERSIAL! I know some of you are like, “Meghan, what are you thinking?? Have you been looking at Rihanna’s Instagram too much?” And yes, I have but hear me out. I’m not saying you need to keep or distribute these pics. They’re more for your own viewing pleasure.  I’m a firm believer in that we all are these beautiful vessels that should be celebrated!  (Sure that doesn’t mean said celebrating must be done by taking picture—but what I’m saying is, appreciate your body)


3.  Work out

Sweating + work out fantasies= feeling good ( plus now you have a good excuse to eat pizza again)

4. Write out your feelings

Burn it, eat it, toss it or keep it. I don’t care but write it.

5. Drink

Now I’m not promoting like extreme EXTREME over-indulging in booze, but if you’re of age, why not have a few bottles of wine with friends or by your lonesome. Plz watch below video for inspiration.


6. Eat 

Treat yourself to a donut or a box of Cheeze-Its.  WHATEVER YOU WANT



7. Spread love to someone else 

Now this may seem like a selfless thing, but lets be real, it’s more of selfish thing.  (but still a good thing, right? Idk- this topic would make for a great 8th grade Pro-Con essay) Anyway, go visit your grandma or let a pregnant woman pee before you.  It doesn’t really matter what you choose to do, just make sure you’re giving a little love to someone else. Go get your martyr complex on!

IMG_3749Look how cute my Mom-Mom is with her pizza.

Hope these tips help! : )

(Also if none of this helps, just click this link)


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