Lady Boner of the Week

And The Lady Boner Of the Week award goes to (drum roll please)…

Conan O’Brien

I realized that some of you may think that this is an odd choice for my first installment on The Lady Boner of the Week award because when I had mentioned it to my friend Christina, she replied with a nasty “ew.” But Christina, I beg to differ.

To start off, Beard or no beard (though I prefer the beard) he’s a very handsome man. Not to mention those long lean legs, that make up a good portion of his 6’4 bod.

And I have to mention those gorgeous ginger locks! For a 48 year old man with that head of hair, my god, what great genes! And you can not forget those blue eyes! Damn his devilish good looks!

Side note-One of my personal favorite habits of Conan is when he does that lovely growl to his beautiful guest he has on his show! give me that creepy smile if ya know what I’m talking about

So not only does Conan stimulate something in your pants, but he also stimulates your mind!

After graduating as valedictorian in 1981 Conan went on to study at Harvard.  Conan then went on to write for SNL, The Simpsons, Not Necessarily News and The Wilton North Report.   He then went on to host his first own talk show called Late Night With Conan O’Brien which ran for almost 16 years. He then made the big move to The Tonight Show. I won’t delve into this dispute but all I will say is fuck you, Leno,


After leaving The Tonight Show, Conan went on The Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour. Today, you can catch Conan’s crazy antics and sexiness on TBS at 11pm Monday through Thursday. If you haven’t been watching, well then you’re an idiot. But now that you know you’re an idiot, you should try to educate yourself on what humor is by watching my main bitch doing what he does best.  Perhaps, you could even play this Conan drinking game,, to make the show even more enjoyable.

Fun little fact: Conan also happens be quite the musician. He’s been known to shred it on the  guitar from time to time, which only adds more to this unyielding Lady Boner.

Conan O’Brien is handsome, intelligent, hilarious, genuine and an all around great person. These characteristics, which he epitomizes, are what we ladies look for in a true Lady Boner inducer. So Conan, we give that growl right back to ya.

Unfortunately, Conan is happily married with a beautiful wife and has two children. But hey, there’s no reason why we can’t admire a little Coco from afar

I just realized that this picture above may be misleading, this is not Conan’s wife nor his child

This is Meghan, signing out from Lady Boner of the Week, Goodnight.


Getcha Nails Did Girl

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This summer there are many different types of nail polish colors every girl (and guy) can rock.

From Barbie pink to nude all of these colors are perfect for playing in the sand

“Waiting Sucks”

Yes, this isn’t a real a True Blood promo. But it’s pretty funny and can help dull your feverish excitement for season 4. I know True Blood kinda sucked with the whole fairy thing, and the ruining of many minor characters with pointless subplots. But hey, Eric and Sookie may be getting together this season. Can you say GIRL BONER?! Hope you enjoy the clip!

Bridesmaids vs. The Hangover 2

So I recently saw both films, and I was extremely disappointed in one, and very satisfied with the other.  The Hangover 2 was atrocious.  There was weak dialogue and many of the jokes were just regurgitated from the first film.  Of course there were a couple of light laughs but they are definitely not worth $10 or maybe even your time on a free movie Tuesday compliments of Optimum.  The cast from the Hangover was also quite limp, the only reason why I could think it would be worth your while is for Bradley Cooper as eye-candy (yes guys, I know you all have a secret man crush on him as well).  However, Bridesmaids had a knockout ensemble.  Jon Hamm did a superb job at playing the asshole fuckbuddy, a role of which we have never really seen him play.  And of course Kristen Wiig was a comedic genius in this film, but do not forget about the other lovely comedians in the film.  So if you are trying to decide between Bridesmaids or Hangover 2, see Bridesmaids. Or you really don’t have to see Bridesmaids just don’t see Hangover 2.

P.S. Girls Rule

Summer Projects

Yes, I know I haven’t written in a very long time.  But summer is here and like every summer I try to have a couple of goals to complete. This summer I am going to watch some new movies and read many books as usual.  But for this summer I would also like to try to learn French, take more pictures with my camera, and maybe even try painting.  Now the chances of me actually doing these things, including updating this blog, are very slim, but I look forward to giving it a go. I’ll update you on my progress throughout the summer and also post some groovy things I find on the web. So for now, Au revoir.

Hello blog-world, I really just wanted to start this for something fun to do. (hopefully, it will be enjoyable)  My posts will most likely be about fashion, movies, celebrity gossip, a little music, and my thoughts! Hope you find some things interesting or informing; I apologize now for poor grammar.